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New Protocol network "Ethereum", for the introduction of
the possibility of payment in any "ERC coin".

This is another new step towards the inclusion of
cryptocurrency in commerce and everyday life.
This protocol has the ability to identify the payments,
which allows you to bind cryptocurrency to any
existing payment system. 

The "ZENITH" Protocol opens up the path of
"ERC" tokens in a new life by integrating with
the financial world in the form
of a legal tender.

“The main feature of crypto currencies is their anonymity.
I don't think this is a good thing....”

Bill Gates 

The principle of interaction with the «ZENITH» Protocol


Your Wallet

From the address of your wallet, possibly tied to a credit card, a payment in cryptocurrency is sent to the store address.
The payment goes through the «ZENITH» node.


At the «ZENITH» node you sign your payment with your digital key or credit card identification marker.


The seller identifies your cryptocurrency transfer.
Payment completed successfully.


Any "ERC coins". Or.
For this, it is necessary that the cryptocurrency be wrapped in an Ethereum token.
At the given stage, there are wrapped cryptocurrencies such as "WETH", "WBCH".
Announced Wrapped Bitcoin - "WBTC".

We do not charge.
You pay only the cost of the transaction in the network "Ethereum".. 

Yes. You can also send a request for payment by cryptocurrency.
You can make signed transfers in a single transaction to an array of addresses.
In addition, there are additional useful features that you can read more about in our blog.

Recently, the policy on cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly tougher.
Even in countries loyal to cryptocurrency, increasingly stringent requirements are being adopted. Read here.
The implementation of this protocol partially solves the problems of security and conflict resolution.
In addition, the need for legal regulation is reflected in the
"CFTC request".
In order to facilitate the implementation of cryptocurrency in everyday life, the appearance of the «ZENITH» Protocol is required.

Transaction Input Data Viewer


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«ZENITH» Protocol

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